Governing Principles

Talent is the most valuable asset to any enterprise, the most productive resource, with the greatest business leverage to drive your success. Top performers execute, inspire, and innovate at the highest levels yielding maximum, multifaceted leverage for your business.

To acquire the best available, top performing talent, you must:our-value
  • get crystal clear focus on your target
  • tune your hiring process and messaging
  • build a comprehensive, industry-wide search plan
  • execute the plan - contact/interview the targets
  • systematically filter down to the very best few
  • choose the best of the best
  • make a win-win offer and close the deal

This is what we do - Results Guaranteed!


L. Jeff Jensen CEO
Gerry has contributed some serious horsepower to my sales force since we started working together. He has an uncanny ability to source rainmaking talent - the best in the industry. He is a valuable partner through the entire hiring process. I have witnessed Gerry perform miracles with his creativity and skill in the offer and acceptance process. He also stays in touch to assist in onboarding to make sure the hire is successful. I consider Gerry a good friend of mine (Read More)

Jeff Jensen, CEO
The Hanger Network