About Us

about-imageOur mission at Focus-Hire is to make sure that our clients hire industry champions at all levels from the executive suite through the ranks in sales, sales management, marketing, and operations.

Our clients, leaders in new media advertising, marketing and advanced technology, are constantly challenged by the speed at which markets and products are changing, and they know that the talent on their team is the single most valuable asset they have to drive their success.

Our comprehensive search methodology ensures that we complete a thorough, industry-wide canvass to uncover the very best talent that we can excite about your opportunity. Then we help you optimize your hiring process to make sure you secure them. And we do it on an aggressive schedule – Results Guaranteed in a Service Level Agreement. We also stay close through on boarding and beyond to support the long-term success of the hire.

For candidates, we develop long-tem consultative relationships that will help you enhace your career as we help companies build their organizations.

Focus-Hire was founded by Gerry St. Onge after he successfully ran the Advanced Technology & Advertising Practice at BrainWorks, a leading executive search firm.